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Generic : Audio Visual - AV Switches / Splitters
Generic HDMI Repeater - For Extending HDMI Cable Lengths, Up to 35m$62.85
Generic : Batteries - Chargers
Generic CG-1115TTS Multi Voltage high output Battery Charger 12V-25A -24V-25A$128.70
Generic GZL-40 Multi Voltage high output Battery Charger 12V-24A -24V-20A$128.70
Generic GZL-70 Multi Voltage high output Battery Charger 12V-24A -24V-20A$185.90
Generic CDJ-40 Multi Voltage Battery Charger 12V-24V-36V-48V-60V-72V-84V$357.50
Generic : Batteries - Non-Rechargeable (AA, AAA, C, D etc)
Generic 1x AA 3.6V Lithium Battery
- Can be used with some wireless alarms & LED torches
Generic : Batteries - Rechargeable (AA, AAA, C, D etc)
Generic AAA Low Discharge NiMH Rechargeable Battery Pack - 4-Pack$12.80
Generic : Batteries - Sealed Lead Acid Batteries
Generic Backup Battery For EL-MP3855 - 7.2 Amp Hour 12V Sealed Lead Acid$35.60
Generic : Cable - Cable Management
Generic CB-FLR-CV Cable Cover - 100mm Wide - 1.8M$57.50
Generic : Cable - Cable Ties
Generic H3998B 200mm Hook And Loop Cable Ties - 10 Pack$11.05
Generic H4120A - 29mm Adhesive Cable Tie Mounts - Pack 25$11.50
Generic Cable Tie Gun$26.75
Generic : Cable - RCA, RGB, Composite, Component
Generic DB9-MFFP-ADP DB9 Gender Changer - DB9(Male) to DB9(Female)(Female DB9 Port Saver)$15.55
Generic : Components - Capacitors
Generic RE6236 1000uF 63V RB Electrolytic Capacitor - 105 Degree C$4.70
Generic : Components - InfraRed
Generic BRM15S8-11 Infra Red RX Module$18.15
Generic : Components - SMD: LED's
Generic Z0862C Red 6500mcd 5mm LED$4.20
Generic : Components - Value Packs
Generic SP1202512M Fan - 120x120x25mm, Sleeve Bearing, 2500rpm, 64.8CFM, 46dBA - Black$9.90
Generic : Connectors - RCA
Generic RCA Plug to BNC Adaptor$3.70
Generic BNC Plug to RCA Socket Adaptor$3.80
Generic : Connectors - RF
Generic BNC Female to BNC Female Adaptor$3.90
Generic BNC T Adaptor - 1 Female To 2 Female$5.05
Generic : Gadgets - Toys
Generic Pack of 6 Table Tennis Balls$9.95
Generic Anywhere Table Tennis$19.95
Generic 4 in 1 Transforming Solar Robot Kit$24.95
Generic USB Interface/Software Kit - To Suit Robotic Arm Kit$43.65
Generic Frilled Lizard Robot Kit with IR Sensor$48.35
Generic 3-in1 All-Terrain Robot Kit - Includes Wired Remote Control (Forklift/Rover/Gripper)$53.20
Generic Hydraulic Robot Arm Kit$54.90
Generic Robotic Arm Kit - Base Rotation, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist Motion, Functional Claw Gripper, Includes Wired Remote Control$62.45
Generic Soccer Robot Arena - 2 Pack$96.75
Generic Build Your Own Battlebots Arena Pro 2 Pack$146.70
Generic Puppy Go AI Smart Dog$165.20
Generic Makeblock mBot Bluetooth Robot Kit$199.00
Generic : Power Devices - Power Adapters
Generic PA-1122 Euro EU To US 2-Pin Power Plug Adapter$14.05
Generic PA-3622 Euro EU To Australia 2-Pin Power Plug Adapter$16.25
Generic PC-1235 IEC 320-C13 To Australia Power Adapter Cable - 1.8M$17.20
Generic PA-1112 US 3-Pin To US 2-Pin w/ GND Plug Adapter$17.55
Generic PA-4515 US 3-Pin To Italy 3-Pin Plug Adapter$17.55
Generic PA-4615 US 3-Pin to Swiss 3-Pin Plug Adapter$17.55
Generic PA-4623 Schuko To Swiss 3 Pin Plug Adapter$17.55
Generic PA-6012L IEC 320-C13 To UK 3-Pin Power Adapter$17.55
Generic PA-1223 Schuko To US 3-Pin Plug Adapter$18.80
Generic PA-4523 Schuko To Italy 3-Pin Plug Adapter$18.80
Generic PA-6015 US 3-Pin To UK 3-Pin Plug Adapter$18.80
Generic PA-6022 EU 2-Pin To UK Plug Adapter$18.80
Generic PA-6023 Schuko To UK 3-Pin Plug Adapter$18.80
Generic M8181 Stepdown Transformer 240V to 120V 75VA$52.45
Generic : Pro Audio - Amplifiers
Generic Power Supply Board for 135W Ultra LD Amplifier$38.50
Generic : Security - Sirens | Horns
Generic S6126 Siren Alarm - 6-15V Surface Mount Magnetic Coil - Black$30.80
Generic : Surveillance | Security - Accessories
Generic CCD Camera Extension Cable - BNC, RCA, DC Power - 5M$21.70
Generic CCTV Power Plugpack - 12VDC 500mA Regulated Switchmode - For CCD Camera - 2.1mm DC Plug$21.85
Generic Passive Receiver Pair CAT-5$26.95
Generic CCD Camera Extension Cable - BNC, RCA, DC Power - 10M$32.75
Generic CCD Camera Extension Cable - BNC, RCA, DC Power - 20M$53.75
Generic VB9252 Four Way Passive Transceiver - Video Up To 600m (B+W) Or 300m (Colour)$56.85
Generic : Surveillance | Security - Hardware
Generic Relay Controller 2 Way Garage Module 12V$48.35
Generic 4 Channel RC Relay Board$62.45
Generic 4 Door RFID Access Controller$269.00
Generic : Surveillance | Security - Kits
Generic RFID Access Card Reader$83.70
Generic Digital Keypad with RFID Access Control$129.00
Generic Wi-Fi RFID Access Keypad$229.00
Generic : Surveillance | Security - Locks/Physical Security
Generic S5322 Wireless PIR Chime/Alert System$34.95
Generic 12V AC/DC Door Strike release$51.70
Generic Commercial Grade Door Security Beam - Effective Range 2-8 Metres, 240V, Includes Reflector$69.50
Generic : Test Equipment - PH Meters
Generic Q1296 Digital Wet PH Meter$104.95
Generic : Tools - Accessories
Generic Sealing Machine for Household or Commercial Shrink Wrap$104.50


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