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Wera : Tools - Accessories
Wera 855/1 TH Torsion Bit PZ - 1x25mm$6.45
Wera 855/1 TH Torsion Bit PZ - 2x25mm$6.50
Wera 855/1 TH Torsion Bit PZ - 3x25mm$6.50
Wera 855/1 BTZ Torsion Bit PZ - 1x25mm$7.25
Wera 855/1 BDC Torsion Bit PZ 25mm$7.65
Wera 840/1 Z Hexagon-Plus Bit - 3x25mm$7.80
Wera 840/1 Z Hexagon-Plus Bit - 4x25mm$7.80
Wera 855/4 TH Torsion Bit PZ - 2x50mm$8.70
Wera 851/1 IMP DC Phillips Head Socket Screw Bit - 2x25mm$9.35
Wera 855/1 IMP DC Pozidriv Bit PZ - 2x25mm$9.35
Wera 867/1 IMP DC Impaktor Square Bit - 25x25mm$9.65
Wera 867/1 IMP DC Impaktor TORX Bit - 25x25mm$10.00
Wera 867/1 IMP DC Impaktor TORX Bit - 30x25mm$10.00
Wera Empty Pencil Case Zip Pouch$10.30
Wera 840/1 IMP DC Hexagon Bit - 5mmx25mm$11.10
Wera 851/1 IMP DC SB PH2 Impact Bit - 2x25mm$11.60
Wera 868/1 IMP DC SB SQ Impaktor Square Bit - 2x25mm$11.95
Wera 869/4 M Magnetic Nutsetter - 10x50mm$12.25
Wera 869/4 M Magnetic Nutsetter - 8x50mm$12.25
Wera 840/1 IMP DC SB SW 5 Impact Bit - 5x25mm$12.30
Wera 867/1 IMP DC TX 30SB Impaktor TORX Bit - 30x25mm$12.30
Wera 870/1 Adapter Hexagon - 1/4" Square Drivex25mm$12.40
Wera 840/4 IDC Impaktor Bit - 4.0x50mm$12.80
Wera 840/4 IDC Impaktor Bit - 5.0x50mm$12.80
Wera 840/4 IDC Impkator Bit - 6.0x50mm$12.80
Wera 851/1 Classic Phillips Head Bit - 2x25mm, 10-Pack$13.05
Wera 851/4 IMP DC SB PH2 Impaktor Bit - 2x50mm$13.05
Wera 869/4 M Magnetic Nutsetter - 12x50mm$13.55
Wera 869/4 M Magnetic Nutsetter - 13x50mm$13.55
Wera WERA003732 8790 HMC HF Zyklop 1/2 Socket Hex - 12mm$14.90
Wera WERA003734 8790 HMC HF Zyklop 1/2 Socket Hex - 14mm$15.60
Wera WERA003735 8790 HMC HF Zyklop 1/2 Socket Hex - 15mm$15.60
Wera WERA003736 8790 HMC HF Zyklop 1/2 Socket Hex - 16mm$15.60
Wera WERA003737 8790 HMC HF Zyklop 1/2 Sockey Hex - 17mm$16.30
Wera WERA003738 8790 HMC HF Zyklop 1/2 Socket Hex - 18mm$16.65
Wera WERA003739 8790 HMC HF Zyklop 1/2 Socket Hex - 19mm$16.65
Wera WERA057657 IMP DC Impaktor Bit PH3X50$17.05
Wera 1440/1442 Screw Gripper Set$19.90
Wera 3840/4 Stainless Steel Hexagon Bit - 6.0x89mm$20.30
Wera 851/4 Classic Bit PH2 - 5-Pack$21.25
Wera KK 712 Vario Hexagon Socket Adaptor - 6x175mm$26.30
Wera Kraftform Kompakt Empty Pouch$29.00
Wera 8796 SA SB Zyklop Square Flexible-Lock Extension - 1/4"$29.80
Wera 8796 LA SB Zyklop Flexible-Lock Extension - 3/8"$39.25
Wera WERA003990 KK 817 VDE Bit Holder 9x102$45.05
Wera 897/4 R Impaktor SB Bit Holder - 1/4"$50.40
Wera 887/4 RR SB Rapidaptor Universal Bit Holder w. Ring Magnet$50.55
Wera WERA051835 830 Vario Bit Holder Adaptor$52.35
Wera WERA006147 160 I/7 VDE Kraftform Plus Insulated VT 7Pc$54.00
Wera WERA003760 Wera Joker DBL Open-Ended Wrench - 10&13mm$54.70
Wera 8780 C Kraftform Koloss SB 8002C Centring Pin - 135mm$56.30
Wera WERA052503 K 1/4X75 Universal Bit Holder$62.30
Wera 8780 C Kraftform Koloss Extension
- For Wera Koloss 8002 C
Wera WERA003765 Joker Double Open-Ended Wrench - 17&19mm$79.30
Wera 8700-6/BDC Bit-Check Rapidaptor - 6-Piece$91.65
Wera 8200/ Bit-Safe Classic 60 Z$93.20
Wera 899/4 1 Universal SS Bit Holder - 1/4"$106.15
Wera Tool Check Plus Set - 39-Piece$155.95
Wera WERA004018 8100 SA 8 Zyklop Ratchet Set - 28-Piece, 1/4" Drive$303.20
Wera WERA004076 8100 SC 6 Zyklop Ratchet Set - 28-Piece, 1/2" Drive$381.15
Wera : Tools - Hand Tools
Wera Kraftform Kompakt 80 Vario Handle - 6x98mm$16.65
Wera Kraftform Kompakt ESD/11 SB Smart Phone Micro-Set w. Pouch - 11-Piece$44.15
Wera 8002 C Koloss Ratchet - 1/2" Drive$51.40
Wera 5PC Slim Set w. 3248 Pliers$63.60
Wera 950 SPKL/9 SMN Metric Multi-Coloured I-Key Set - 9-Peice$77.95
Wera 5PC Slim Set w. Chiseldriver$89.05
Wera 5PC Slim Set w. Voltage Tester$89.25
Wera 8001 A Kraftform Zyklop Mini 1 Bit Ratchet - 1/4" Drive$92.80
Wera 967 SPKL Torx BO TP Coloured Hexagon Keys - 9-Piece$121.80
Wera 5PC Lasertip Set & Chiseldriver$129.05
Wera Joker Set Metric Ratchet Wrench Combinaton w. Pouch - 4-Piece$138.60
Wera 5PC T2 Set & 3248 Pliers$143.20
Wera 8000 A SB Zyklop Speed Ratchet - 1/4" Drive$158.60
Wera 8000 B SB Zyklop Speed Ratchet - 3/8" Drive$214.65
Wera Kraftform Kompakt Mini 2 Zyklop Ratchet Set - 1/4" Drive$216.55
Wera KK SH1 1 VDE Plumbkit - 11-Piece$333.95
Wera : Tools - Screw Drivers
Wera 1353 Phillips Head Screwdriver - 0x60mm$10.60
Wera WERA003411 KK 62I VDE Interchange Blade Ph 1X154$11.30
Wera WERA003420 KK 64I VDE Insulated Hex Socket 2.5x154$11.35
Wera 1356 Pozi Screwdriver - 0x60mm$11.45
Wera 1351 Phillips Head Screwdriver - 1x80mm$11.65
Wera 1160I VDE Insulated Slotted Screwdriver - 0.4x2.5x80mm$12.00
Wera 2035 SL Screwdriver Elect. App. - 0.6x3.5x80mm$12.00
Wera 1160I VDE Insulated Slotted Screwdriver - 0.5x3.0x100mm$12.20
Wera 2040 SL Screwdriver Elect. App. - 0.4x2.0x40mm$12.20
Wera WERA003406 KK 60IS VDE INS Slim Sl 0.6x3.5$12.20
Wera WERA003413 KK 62IS VDE INS Slim PH 1X154$12.50
Wera 16 4I VDE Insulated Hex Screwdriver 2.5X80$12.55
Wera 1160I VDE Insulated Slotted Screwdriver - 0.6x3.5x100mm$12.80
Wera 2036 SL Screwdriver Elect. App. - 0.5x3.0x50mm$12.80
Wera 2037 SL Screwdriver Elect. App. - 0.23x1.5x40mm$12.80
Wera 2039 SL Screwdriver Elect. App. - 0.3x1.8x40mm$12.90
Wera WERA003415 KK 68I Vde Interchange Blade - 154mm$12.90
Wera WERA003421 KK 64I VDE Insulated Hex Socket 3.0x154$13.20
Wera 1160I VDE Insulated Slotted Screwdriver - 1.2x6.5x150mm$13.25
Wera 2055 PZ Screwdriver Elect. App. - 0.6x3.0x97mm$13.45
Wera WERA003407 KK 60IS Insulated Slim Slotted Screwdriver 0.8x4.0$13.45
Wera WERA003412 KK 62I VDE Interchange Blade Ph 2x154$13.45
Wera WERA003417 KK 68IS VDE Insulated Square Slim Socket 1x154 - For Square Socket Head Screws$13.50
Wera WERA003437 KK 67IS VDE TORX TX15x154$13.50
(188 records found)
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