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Redback : Audio Visual - Wall Plates
Redback Line Level Volume Controller Wallplate$36.50
Redback 10W Overridable PA Attenuator - 11 Positions, Vertical Clipsal 2000$45.95
Redback 10W Overridable PA Attenuator, 11 Positions - Horizontal Clipsal 2000$48.90
Redback 100W Attenuator PA - 100V, Override Relay, 11 Positions$80.50
Redback Remote Program Selection Wallplate - for A4470$305.25
Redback : Hardware - Rack Frames
Redback Rack Frame Castor Wheels - Pack of 4$25.90
Redback Rack Cable Support Tray - 15U$34.15
Redback Rack Cable Support Tray - 18U$35.25
Redback Rack Cable Support Tray - 12U$35.95
Redback Rack Frame Bottom Panel - 450mm Deep, Black$40.20
Redback Rack Frame Louvered Top Panel - 450mm Deep, Black$47.75
Redback Rack Frame Bottom Panel - 600mm Deep, Black$56.95
Redback Rack Frame Louvered Top Panel - 600mm Deep, Black$78.70
Redback Rack Mounting Strip - 1.2m, Pair$79.10
Redback Rack Frame Panel Set - 4U, 450mm Deep$119.20
Redback Rack Mounting Strip - 1.8m, Pair$142.80
Redback Rack Door - 9U, Steel Rear$165.25
Redback Rack Frame Panel Set - 6U, 450mm Deep$172.65
Redback Rack Frame Panel Set - 15U, 450mm Deep$192.50
Redback Rack Frame Panel Set - 12U, 450mm Deep$196.00
Redback Rack Frame Panel Set - 9U, 450mm Deep$196.00
Redback Rack Door - 9U, Perspex Front$196.55
Redback Rack Door - 12U, Perspex Front$206.35
Redback Rack Frame Castor Tray - 450mm Deep, 4 Castors$212.95
Redback Rack Frame Castor Tray - 600mm Deep, 4x Castors$223.20
Redback Rack Frame - 4U, 450mm Deep$224.00
Redback Rack Frame Panel Set - 18U, 450mm Deep$224.00
Redback Rack Frame Panel Set - 24U, 450mm Deep$235.05
Redback Rack Door - 24U, Steel Rear$254.10
Redback Rack Door - 18U, Perspex Front$257.20
Redback Rack Frame Panel Set - 12U, 600mm Deep$263.40
Redback Rack Door - 15U, Perspex Front$266.00
Redback Rack Frame Panel Set - 15U, 600mm Deep$268.80
Redback Rack Frame - 6U, 450mm Deep$271.85
Redback Rack Frame Panel Set - 18U, 600mm Deep$274.95
Redback Wall Mount Tray for Rack Frames - 555Wx455Dx275H, Up to 90KG$278.50
Redback Rack Frame Panel Set - 30U, 450mm Deep$289.50
Redback Rack Door - 30U, Steel Rear$290.60
Redback Rack Door - 24U, Perspex Front$297.20
Redback Rack Frame Panel Set - 24U, 600mm Deep$300.10
Redback Rack Frame - 9U, 450mm Deep$301.00
Redback Rack Door - 38U, Steel Rear$321.95
Redback Rack Frame - 30U, 600mm Deep$331.10
Redback Rack Frame - 12U, 450mm Deep$350.35
Redback Rack Frame Panel Set - 38U, 450mm Deep$353.30
Redback Rack Door - 30U, Perspex Front$358.80
Redback Rack Frame Panel Set - 30U, 600mm Deep$363.45
Redback Rack Frame - 15U, 450mm Deep$376.70
Redback Rack Frame - 12U, 600mm Deep$378.80
Redback Rack Door - 38U, Perspex Front$381.90
Redback Rack Frame - 38U, 600mm Deep$386.55
Redback Rack Frame - 15U, 600mm Deep$395.85
Redback Rack Frame - 18U, 450mm Deep$405.95
Redback Rack Frame - 18U, 600mm Deep$431.10
Redback Rack Frame - 24U, 450mm Deep$465.75
Redback Rack Frame Panel Set - 38U, 600mm Deep$494.35
Redback Rack Frame - 24U, 600mm Deep$495.15
Redback Rack Frame - 30U, 450mm Deep$504.00
Redback Rack Frame - 38U, 450mm Deep$567.00
Redback : Pro Audio - Amplifiers
Redback 125W PA Phase Amplifier - 4 Inputs, 2U 19" Rack Mount$795.00
Redback : Pro Audio - Attenuators
Redback 200W Attenuator - 5 Zone, 100V, 40W/Zone, Override Relays$325.05
Redback 500W Attenuator - 5 Zone, 100V, 100W/Zone, Override Relays$459.00
Redback : Pro Audio - Microphone Accessories
Redback A4586 Paging Console to suit A 4585$675.00
Redback A4585 Line Level/Speaker Level Paging System Switch Box$842.15
Redback : Pro Audio - Microphones
Redback Drop-Proof Balanced Microphone - 3 Pin XLR$43.15
Redback Super Cardioid Balanced Microphone - 3 Pin XLR$83.95
Redback Microphone Headband - Lecture Light Weight, Skintone$90.85
Redback Dynamic Gooseneck Microphone - ON/OFF Switch$103.95
Redback Studio Quality Entertainer`s Microphone$126.40
Redback Electret Insert Gooseneck Microphone - 3 Pin XLR$155.00
Redback Entertainer`s Balanced Microphone - 3 Pin XLR$171.00
Redback 8 Zone Paging Microphone$536.25
Redback : Pro Audio - Mixers
Redback Compressor Compander Board - for A4425$97.95
Redback 3 Channel Microphone Mixer - 3 Mic, 2 Line Inputs$363.90
Redback : Pro Audio - Portable PA
Redback Adaptor Top Hat - 35mm To 25mm - for C0996A$19.50
Redback MP3 / USB Player Portable PA Module - for C715X/C717X$206.95
Redback : Pro Audio - Receivers
Redback 4 Input To 1 Output Program Source Selector$378.00
Redback Digital (DAB+) Bluetooth FM Tuner$417.45
Redback 6 Zone 100W Speaker Switcher With Volume Controls$495.55
Redback : Pro Audio - Redback Solutions
Redback Single Zone Module - 15-35V$69.30
Redback Ceiling MountHigh Gain UHF Antenna - To Suit Redback Radio Microphone$139.00
Redback MP3 Tone Generator + Message Player Module - w. SD Card$185.00
Redback Direct Injection Box - w. Equaliser$206.10
Redback Mono 31 Band Graphic Equaliser - 1U 19" Rack Mount$206.10
Redback 50 Event 24 Hour 7 Day Timer With Evac Tone Generator$786.50
Redback A4512 12A 24V Battery Charger Sealed Lead Acid (SLA)$878.20
Redback A4506 6A 24V Battery Charger Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) - 2RU 19" Rackmount, Short Circuit Protection, Charging Indicator, Automatic Boost And Float Voltages, 2 Switched 50A Outputs$901.90
Redback : Pro Audio - UHF Systems
Redback Aerobics Beltpack Pouch - for C8875C$22.45
Redback Guitar Lead - for C8875$24.20
Redback Microphone Tie Clip Mini XLR Lavalier - for C8870$55.20
Redback Plastic Cary Case - for C8870$83.95
Redback 700 Channel Receiver Unit$542.85
Redback : Speaker Equipment - 1" - 4.9" Speakers
Redback 5W PA Speaker - 100V, 4" (100mm), EWIS w.Cover$23.35
Redback 5W PA Speaker - 100V, 4" (100mm), Low Profile w. Cover$24.90
Redback 10W PA Speaker - 100V, 4" (100mm)$35.50
Redback One-Shot 5W Speaker - 100V, Fire/Evac, 4" (100mm), White, "RatTrap"$35.95
Redback One-Shot 10W Speaker - 8 Ohm, 4" (100mm), White Grille$44.85
Redback One-Shot 5W Speaker - 100V, Fire/Evac, 4" (100mm), Low Profile, White$44.85
Redback One-Shot Speaker Surface Mount - 5W Speaker, 100V, 4" (100mm), White$49.90
Redback One-Shot Speaker Surface Mount - 5W Speaker, 100V, 4" (100mm), Black$52.70
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