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Atlas Q2100

Atlas Semiconductor Component Analyser :: Q2100

An amazingly versatile piece of test equipment that couls save you hours in looking up transistor, diode and FET specifications!
Once you’ve used the Atlas Component Analyser, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it. It identifies semiconductors in seconds, allowing you to test their condition or find equivalent replacement devices easily & efficiently. It automatically identifies and analyses Bipolar & Darlington transistors, enhancement and depletion mode MOSFETs, J-Fets, triacs, thyristors, LEDs, bicolour LEDs, diodes and diode networks. Simply connect the test leads (in any order!) to the component and the Atlas will analyse the device and display the results on the scrollable multi-page display.
For example, connect a BC338 transistor to the leads, hit the “Test” button. The Atlas will identify it as an NPN bipolar transistor, tell you which of the red, green and blue test leads are connected to base, emitter and collector, display the hFE current gain (220), the collector test current used to obtain hFE, the Vbe base to emitter voltage (0.7V), the base test current and the collector leakage current (if any).

Diodes - identifies the anode and cathode of diodes and LEDs; displays Vf forward voltage & If forward current. In the case of a two-diode package, the Atlas will display whether the two diodes are connected in series or parallel, plus the anode and cathode pinouts in turn for each diode.

Bipolar Transistors - identifies base, collector & emitter pins; displays current gain hFE and Ic collector current used for the test; displays Vbe base-emitter voltage and base current used; displays Ic collector leakage current. Identifies Darlington pairs, transistors with shunt resistors between base & emitter and those with protection diodes between collector and emitter.

MOSFETs - detects whether N- or P-channel, enhancement or depletion mode; identifies gate, Drain and source pins; displays Vgs gate-source voltage and drain current used.

JFETs - detects whether N- or P-channel; identifies Gate pin.

SCRs and Triacs - detects whether device is SCR or Triac; identifies MT1, MT2 & gate terminals on a triac or gate, anode and cathode for SCR.
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