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Generic GH1163

Generic Pack of 6 Table Tennis Balls :: GH1163

Pack of 6 Table Tennis Balls 

Spare set of balls to suit our GH1162 Anywhere Table Tennis set.

Link to product page    $9.95
Generic KR9200

Generic Makeblock mBot Bluetooth Robot Kit :: KR9200

Makeblock mBot Bluetooth Robot Kit


mBot is an all-in-one solution to enjoy the hands-on experience of programming, electronics, and robotics. Working with mBlock inspired by Scratch 2.0, connecting with computers or smart devices via Bluetooth, this easy-to-assemble mBot provides infinite possibilities for you to learn STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).

Contains 38 assembly parts that can be assembled in 10 minutes and color-labeled RJ25 ports for convenient wiring, making sure more time can be spent on programming and creativity. mBot comes with a casing specially designed for protecting main control board.
Installed with mini-programs to let you start learning straight away. Online manuals and courses are available to guide students and teachers.
mBot can also be programmed with the Arduino IDE- it uses the same chip as the Uno.


Link to product page    $199.00
Generic GH1158

Generic Electronic Dart Board with Darts :: GH1158

Electronic Dart Board with Darts

A completely automated way of enjoying Darts. Features over 25 classic dart games including 301, 501, cricket, cut-throat, count-up and more. It also has sound effects and talks you through the game and informs you whose turn it is, and so on. It features a special surface and safe plastic tip darts that you use instead of the regular metal type.

• There are over 25 classic dart games and up to 110 variations with handicapping.
• No metal tips - safe for children 8+ (with adult supervision)
• Supplied with 6 darts and  30 spare replacement tips
• Requries 3 x AA batteries
• Dimensions: 435(H) x 380(W) x 20(D)mm

Link to product page    $29.50
Generic GH1162

Generic Anywhere Table Tennis :: GH1162

Anywhere Table Tennis

Drop everything for a spontaneous game of table tennis! 

Sometimes you really just need to drop everything for a spontaneous game of table tennis, but you probably find yourself without an appropriate table tennis table to use. Tragic - we know! But fear no more - with our Instant Table Tennis Game you can turn an ordinary table into hours of table tennis fun in a flash! The kit includes a retractable net that extends up to 1.7m with spring-loaded posts to hold firmly in position. Of course this isn’t handball, so you also get a mesh bag with two paddles and two ping pong balls. Now there’s no excuse to not scratch your ping pong itch, with an impromptu game.

- Collapsible Net
- Spring-Clamp Net Support Posts
- Includes Two Paddles &Two Balls

Max Net Width: 1.7m approx
Net Height: 150mm from table (approx.)
Maximum Table Thickness: 50mm


Link to product page    $19.95
Generic KJ8968

Generic Frilled Lizard Robot Kit with IR Sensor :: KJ8968

Frilled Lizard Robot Kit with IR Sensor

A super smart frilled lizard with artificial intelligence. It has an infrared sensor that is programmed to 'escape' or 'follow-me'. Once the infrared sensor is activated in the 'escape' the robot will automatically act shocked by spreading its frill, dropping its jaw, illuminates its bicolour LED eyes and will scamper away from you until it reaches a safe place. If the infrared sensor is switched to the 'follow-me' mode using the 2 way function switch, then the robot will assess danger by bluffing the attacker (unfurling and shaking its frill). When the robot does not sense danger it will proceed to follow you like a pet lizard.

•    Interactive artificial intelligence (AI)
•    Two funway modes
•    Infrared sensor
•    LED illuminated eyes
•    Requires 4 x AAA batteries
•    Dimensions: 370mm 

Link to product page    $48.35
Generic KJ8965

Generic 4 in 1 Transforming Solar Robot Kit :: KJ8965

4 in 1 Transforming Solar Robot Kit 

The basis of this kit is two moulded 'frames' of component parts reminiscent of a plastic model aeroplane kit - about 50 parts! It also has a small (40 x 25mm) solar panel, a tiny electric motor, gears, pinions, etc. It also includes decals. It can 'transform' between a T-Rex or Rhino beetle with moving legs and jaw, Robot with walking legs and moving wheels, and a futuristic miners drilling machine with moving drilling bit and wheels. You will probably need a small diagonal pliers to cut out and de-flash all the plastic parts from the frame.

• Robot stands about 100mm tall
• Detailed 34 page assembly manual is also included.
• Recommended for ages 8+ 
Link to product page    $24.95
Generic KJ8997

Generic Hydraulic Robot Arm Kit :: KJ8997

This Robot arm has no motors and does not require any batteries as it relies on hydraulics to do all the work! 

Use it to command 6 axes of varied movement. Use either the gripper or the suction cup to lift items up to 50g. It also incorporates a built in braking system!

  •  Gripper Opening: 45mm
  •  Wrist Mobility: 98°
  •  Elbow Range: 44°
  •  Base Rotation: 270°
  •  Shoulder Motion:45°
  •  Vertical Reach: 400mm
  •  Horizontal Reach: 300mm
  •  Base Diameter: 100mm
  •  Arm Length: 260mm
  •  Shoulder Height: 190mm 

Link to product page    $55.40
Generic K1108

Generic USB Interface/Software Kit - To Suit Robotic Arm Kit :: K1108

This USB Interface and Software Kit suited to the Robotic Arm Kit (K 1107). It allows the robotic arm to be controlled by your Windows PC. 

Add computer control via USB to your Robotic Arm. The kit includes everything you need - interface cable, pre-built PCB, enclosure and software for controlling function. You can use a keyboard or mouse to have real-time control of the robotic arm, or you can program, edit and load individual functions and movements, just like a real industrial robot. The commands are saved just like a normal computer file to be loaded and used later.

To install software on Windows 10:

You need to run Windows 10 with Digital driver signing enforcement turned off, and run the installer in compatibility mode for XP SP3.

To do this:

Go to power in the start menu, and while holding shift, click restart. This brings up an option screen.

Choose Troubleshoot, then Advanced Options, then Startup Settings and restart.

After restart, press 7 (disable Digital driver signing enforcement)

Browse CD and right click install.exe, select Properties, Compatibility Tab and select Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows XP (SP3) and click OK.

Run the install.exe. Everything from now on will be as for a usual install.


Link to product page    $43.65

Generic Robotic Arm Kit - Base Rotation, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist Motion, Functional Claw Gripper, Includes Wired Remote Control ::

A great introduction to robotics - ideal project for students! This robot arm features five motors enabling base rotation, shoulder, elbow and wrist motion with a functional claw gripper. Includes a wired remote control for complete control of all movements. With the addition of the USB interface kit, K 1108 (purchased separately), the robot arm may be controlled by your Windows PC. The included software allows you to record and replay movements. Supplied with all parts & easy to read instructions. 100gm lifting capacity.
Link to product page    $62.45
Generic K1095

Generic 3-in1 All-Terrain Robot Kit - Includes Wired Remote Control (Forklift/Rover/Gripper) :: K1095

Great fun for the kids to build and play with! This single kit can be built (and re-built) three ways to create a forklift, all-terrain rover or gripping ‘pick up’ machine. Lifting capacity H100g. Includes wired remote control.


There are a LOT of parts to assemble in this kit, including the hard-wire remote control. You do, however end up with a fantastic piece of robotic gear. It is primarily a terrestrial 6 track (i.e. 3 separate tractor-crawlers each side) unit. The crawlers can be reconfigured to operate as grippers, or even as a forklift type mechanism. You will need lots of time to put this thing together, but it will be a pleasure as the 50 page instruction manual is superb with dozens of good old-fashioned line drawings, which are still the best for clarity. There is very little electronics (indeed none really,) but a tremendous amount of mechanical assembly. Electric motors are included.

This kit could form the basis of a sophisticated robotic platform with the addition of feedback systems, much of which are in the Jaycar catalogue.

• It would make a fabulous gift for a very bright 13+ year old
• Batteries AA x 4 are extra
• Carton dimensions 40(W) x 30(D) x 90(L)

Assembly Part 1 - The Remote

Assembly Part 2 - The Base

Assembly Part 3 - The Gripper and top section

Finished and in action!


Link to product page    $55.15

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