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Wera Tool Check Plus Set - 39-Piece

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Product Description

Wera Tool Check Plus Set - 39-Piece

A 39-piece tool combination consisting of ratchet, bits, sockets and a hand holder in a minimum of space.

Perfect as a universal companion for numerous screwdriving applications. High quality bit holder with Kraftform Plus Griff for more pleasant, ergonomic working, so as avoid any blisters and calluses. Hard handle zones for higher working speeds, soft gripping zones for higher torque transfer. Bit Ratchet for fast working when limited space means that screwdriving with power or conventional tools is not feasible.Rapid changeover from left to right operation and vice versa using the switchover; fast turning of the thumbwheel on the head of the ratchet.

Simple operation, also with just one hand. Ergonomic ratchet head lever: Kraftform geometry with perfectly designed contact surface for the fingers. The direct bit take-up in the ratchet head means a very small tool structure enabling applications at low working heights.

Low return angle of only 6 for precision work. Robust, drop-forged full steel design. Torque value that exceeds 65 Nm. The bit holder Rapidaptor with rapid-twist sleeve: can be applied as an extension for rapid bit change without any special, additional tools - even the smallest bits can be exchanged with one hand. Tough-absorbing bits (steel grey) are particularly suitable for hard materials such as sheet and metal. Hard bits (gold-yellow) are very suitable for soft materials such as wood. Manual and power tool sockets for almost every application.


  • Includes a bit ratchet, 1x bitholding screwdriver, 28x bits, 1x socket adaptor, 7x sockets and a rapidaptor bit holder/extension
  • Contains bits: PH, PZ, TORX, TORX BO, Hex, SL
  • Drop-forged, full steel design

Product Warranty

12 Month Return To Base

L7: 11 | TM: 4 | LM: 39 | TY: 169 | T: 476
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