Swann SWNVK-87504B2D 8-Channel Security System
Includes NVR8-8000 5MP Super HD NVR w. 2TB-HDD, NHD-850 5MP IP Bullet Cameras(4), NHD-851 5MP Dome Cameras(2)

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Swann SWNVK-87504B2D 8-Channel Security System


  • Recorder: NVR-8000
  • Cameras: NHD-850 & NHD-851
  • Resolution: 5MP Super HD
  • Upgrade: Yes to 4K
  • Night Vision Distance: 30m
  • Viewing Angle: 63°
  • Camera Outdoor Rating: IP67, Weatherproof
  • NVR HDD Size: 2TB
  • Cable Type: CAT5E Network Cable
  • App: SwannView Plus, View 24/7
  • Smart Analytics
  • Warranty: 24 Months


Super HD 5MP Resolution

Swanns latest state-of-the-art surveillance technology, known as 5 Megapixels (or 5MP), is 2.4x better than 1080p Full HD. Zoom in closer with incredible clarity to license plates, facial features and clothing patterns.


This surveillance system comes with a massive 2TB hard drive and a total of 6 cameras, with 4 x NHD-850 bullet cameras and 2 x NHD-851 dome cameras. Theyre all weatherproof built tough for the outdoors or indoors. See in the dark up to 30 metres with the cameras powerful infrared night vision.

Bullet cameras will suit those locations where you want the cameras to be quite visible and work as deterrents, while the dome cameras, due to their round shape, will suit place where you wish to have more discreet surveillance where the cameras blend in more easily to their surroundings. Enjoy easy camera installation with Power over Ethernet (PoE) as each camera is powered via Cat 5 network cable connected to the NVR.

Suitable for medium-sized businesses & detached homes for monitoring indoors & outdoors, you can expand your kit by adding up to 2 more cameras for a complete 8 channel surveillance system, including higher resolution 4K (8MP) cameras.


With the SwannView Plus app, youll always be connected to your home or business wherever you are in the world. The app allows you to see the cameras on your phone or tablet and even search the recordings to play them back.

Keep an eye at home on everything else that matters to you, such as your kids, pets or tradespeople. If you have a business, you can always see the cashier, warehouse and check in on your staffs safety. And of course, if anything happens, youll have video evidence in 5MP Super HD.

5MP Super HD Resolution - Up to 4K

Video Resolution Chart

The right security kit for your property

You receive 6 Super HD 5MP cameras with this kit, but we know that sometimes blind spots are discovered. Enjoy the convenience of being able to add up to 2 more compatible Swann cameras to your NVR for a full 8-channel surveillance solution. You can even add higher resolution cameras to it, like the 4K NHD-800 bullet camera or the 4K NHD-881 dome camera. The 4K (8MP) resolution is 1.7 times better than 5MP..

Instantly link your phone to the NVR

Once your NVR is connected to the internet, simply install the SwannView Plus app on your smartphone or tablet. Then scan the QR code sticker on the NVR to instantly start viewing the cameras on your device with Swanns peer-to-peer SwannLink technology.

View your home on your phone

You have peace of mind at your fingertips with our easy-to-install, free, SwannView Plus app. You can see the cameras live and play back recordings on your smartphone or tablet, no matter where you are in the world. Keep an eye on your kids or babysitter at home, and monitor your staff and business for productivity and protection.

Face detection to trigger alerts and automatic recording

The NVR can easily be set up to detect human faces within the image at certain times of the day to trigger recording and alert you accordingly. This gives you relevant information tailored to your needs and is ideal for restricted places where there shouldnt be anyone roaming around at particular times.

Massive surveillance grade hard drive

The massive 2TB HDD is designed especially for continuous surveillance recording. You can easily transfer incident video files to a USB stick or to a computer on your network. You can boost storage by setting up Motion Detection Recording. With such massive storage, you can come back from your long vacation and still find recordings from a while back.

Weatherproof cameras built for any climate

Use them as outdoor cameras or indoor cameras as they are built tough to withstand whatever the weather throws at them: rain, snow, dust and hot days. With IP66 weatherproof rating and cables threaded through the stand for extra protection ensure you can rely on their performance, day in, day out.

Round dome shape for discreet surveillance

Due to their round shape, dome cameras are suitable for those looking for discreet security cameras that easily blend into their surroundings, without drawing much attention to them, such as installing them inside retail stores or inside or outside homes. Dome cameras are also harder to vandalize as they're difficult to grab and pull due to their shape. If you prefer cameras that are more visible to intruders, you may look at Swanns bullet shaped cameras.

Clearer Night Vision with the innovative EXIR LED lights

Unlike conventional infrared LEDs which display light in a circular pattern that creates a spotlight effect, each camera has twin EXIR LEDs that emit a rectangular pattern for a more uniform and even night vision image. Designed especially for security, EXIR LEDs reduce over-exposure at the central part of the image and reduce darker areas at the corners, allowing you to see in the dark like never before.

See everything day or night

No matter if its day or night, youll be able to see everything up to 100ft (30m) with the powerful infrared night vision. At nightfall, the cameras automatically switch to night vision and record in black and white, so that you're sure to record anyone roaming around your property even if it's 3 o'clock in the morning.

Easier Installation with Power over Ethernet

Installation is now easier than ever with the NVRs Ethernet ports which allow both the video signal and power to run from the NVR to the cameras through the same cable. Simply run the included CAT5 Ethernet cables for each camera to the NVR and click it into place, the same way you would connecting your computer to a router.

See More & Protect More with Wide Angle Viewing

Swanns NHD-851 cameras have a super wide 63 degree field of view. The wider viewing angle allows you to see a broader area you might otherwise have missed and is perfect for large areas such as yards, driveways, hallways, parking lots and more.

Super HD 5MP or 4K with HDMI cable

The kit also includes an HDMI cable for generating up 4K (8MP) video to your flat screen TV including LCD, LED TVs or monitors. The NVR also has a VGA connection for viewing up to 1080p Full HD on your LCD monitor or compatible TV with VGA input. VGA cable not included.

Record only what matters with Motion Detection

Motion Detection lets you select specific areas of each cameras image you want to trigger automatic recording and alerts. This reduces the unnecessary false trigger recordings, such as cars driving in the street, birds & falling leaves. This ensures improved accuracy and also boosts the HDDs storage capacity.

Smart Search easily finds recorded incidents in specific image areas

With Smart Search you can select a specific area of the image to search for movement within the recordings. For example, if something was stolen during a particular hours footage, you can highlight the position of the stolen object for example, a laptop, bike or bag - and Smart Search will mark the timeline where it detected motion around that specific area.

Intrusion Detection auto records & alerts you

Intrusion Detection enables you to identify a potential intrusion and prevent it. You identify a particular area, draw a rectangle on the image and if someone stays within that area for a given amount of time, the NVR will start recording and will alert you. Ideal for using on parked cars, doors and business entrances. Usually, intruders have to spend time trying to break into a door or a car and this feature enables you to be proactive in preventing it from happening.

Camera Tampering Detection

Any security system can be vulnerable to attacks or vandalism. Tampering Detection will alert you if someone covers up the cameras field of view or tamper with the video signal, this way you can catch intruders in the act before something bad happens.

Line Crossing Detection

Apply a rule on which direction your NVR detects motion to record and alert you. For example, you can draw a line on the door of a store and set up the NVR to only record people entering the store from 5pm, but not leaving the store. This convenient feature enhances accuracy for your security and is also useful for restricted areas, garage entrances and driveways, such as someone walking towards your house or jumping a fence.

SwannView Plus App

Security in the Palm of your Hands

Check on your Security System from wherever you are. See Live View of your cameras. Playback video clips. Save clips to your phone

  • Multi-channel viewing at the same time
  • Playback stored recordings on your mobile device
  • Capture video from cameras’ live view to playback later
  • Capture single and multi still images to save to your device


NVR8-8000 Digital Video Recorder


Video Input

8 Channels

Video Outputs


Display Resolution

Up to 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels)


Audio Input

1 x RCA

Audio Output

1 x RCA


Compression Format


Recording Mode

Manual / Motion / Schedule

Recording Resolution

5MP, up to 4K (8MP) with addition of 4K compatible cameras

Playback Speed

Frame Rate up to 20fps

Hard Drive



HDD Capacity

Up to 12TB (Internal 2 x 6TB)


Network Connection

SwannLink Peer-to-Peer

Network Interface

RJ45 x 1

USB Interface

USB 2.0 x 1, USB 3.0 x 1


Computer Operating System

Windows, Mac OS

Internet Viewing

SwannView Plus

Handheld Device Supported

iOS, Android, 3G/4G Smartphones & Tablets



315mm x 385mm x 52mm

NHD-850 Camera


Video Quality


Viewing Angle

63 degree




Audio Range


Night Vision

Night Vision Distance

Up to 30m

IR Cut Filter



Indoor / Outdoor

Indoor or Outdoor, IP67 rated

Operating Temperature

-30 degree C ~ 50 degree C

Body Construction


Dimensions Camera


NHD-850 Camera


Video Quality


Viewing Angle





Audio Range


Night Vision

Night Vision Distance

Up to 30m

IR Cut Filter



Indoor / Outdoor

Indoor or Outdoor, IP67 rated

Operating Temperature

-30 degree C ~ 50 degree C

Body Construction


Dimensions Camera (Diameter x Height)

111mm x 82.4mm

What's In the Box

NVR8-8000 8 Channel NVR

2TB Hard Drive (installed)

NHD-850 5MP Cameras x 4

NHD-851 5MP Cameras x 2

Cat5e Ethernet Cable x 7 (18m X 6, 1m x 1)

HDMI Cable


Power Adapter

Mounting Screws & Plugs

Operating Instructions

Theft Deterrent Stickers

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