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BeautyFace Micro-current Facial Toning Kit, Non-Surgical Facelift!

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Product Description
            ~  Micro-current Facial Toning Kit  ~  
                         Non-Surgical Facelift!   
** Currently on Special ! **
How Does It Work?
BeautyFace is an amazingly compact device that uses the technology of Micro-current Stimulation to enhance the health and appearance of our facial muscles. It can effectively tone and tighten the muscles on our face, giving the same result as a facelift WITHOUT going through a painful surgery! It is extremely easy to use, simply dip the finger probes (with foam caps attached) into your Toner (recommended) or pure water, and place the tip of the finger probes on specific areas of your face. Perfect for home and travel.
What is Micro-current Stimulation?
Micro-current Stimulation is an advance technology that sends small electrical impulses to our muscles to stimulate circulation & recovery process. As we age, our skin's ability to maintain its elasticity decreases which results in fine lines, wrinkles and sagging. Micro-current Stimulation can help revitalize our body's natural circulatory & recovery system. When applied on facial muscles, it can have the effect of tightening & toning, reducing the signs of aging.
Are There Any Side-Effects?
No. The frequency of the micro-current is specifically designed to suit the human body's sensitive facial muscles. It is PAINLESS. You can only feel a tingling sensation. The stimulation intensity can be adjusted to the level you are comfortable with.
What Does The Kit Include?
ONE BeautyFace device
ONE set of finger probes
ONE (pack of 100) foam caps
ONE 9V battery
ONE instruction booklet (English)
FREE EXTRAS (ONE velour travel pouch + ONE 60ml bottle)

Product Warranty

1 Year

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