Iroda 125W Professional Gas Soldering Iron Kit

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The T 2601 kit comprises the IRODA T 2600 Gas Soldering Iron supplied in a handy carry case with a range of tips and accessories including cleaning sponge, solder dispenser, blow torch, hot air blower and hot knife cutter.
“This has all the convenience features of a normal gas iron, such as quick heating, no power cords, light weight and best of all, it comes with a blow torch tip.” Silicon Chip Magazine, Sept ’97

For filter cleaning please use T 3035 Isopropyl Alcohol solution.

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Tools - Soldering Tools

116438, Iroda 1.6 mm Conical Tip - To Suit T2600/T2598 $20.15
116444, Iroda 2.4 mm Angle Tip - To Suit T2600/T2598 $19.35
116442, Iroda 2.4 mm Chisel Tip - To Suit T2600/T2598 $19.50
116445, Iroda 3.2 mm Angle Tip - To Suit T2600/T2598 $19.35
116443, Iroda 3.2 mm Chisel Tip - To Suit T2600/T2598 $20.10
116440, Iroda 3.2 mm Conical Tip - To Suit T2600/T2598 $19.35
116439, Iroda Heat Blower Tip - To Suit T2600/T2598 $19.45
116446, Iroda Polystyrene Cutter Tip - To Suit T2598/T2600 $19.75
116424, Iroda Replacement Gas Filter - To Suit T2598/T2599/T2600/T2601/T2630/T2631 $19.95
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