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Microtech K1143

Microtech Multifunction GPS Boat Navigator Kit - Includes GPS Module & Waterproof Case :: K1143

Find your favourite fishing spot with ease. Super accurate realtime laptop navigation via USB - never get lost or disoriented on the water again! Displays: • Speed • Heading • Fuel consumption • Engine run time • GPS Coordinates • Clock.

Link to product page    $198.00
Microtech K1105

Microtech Line Tracking Mouse Kit - Designed to Track Along Black Lines on a Tabletop :: K1105

Great fun for the kids! An educational electronics kit which, when constructed, is designed to track along black lines on a tabletop. Simply lay out a path of electrical tape, and watch it follow the path! It includes easy to follow instructions, and takes approximately 1 hour to assemble for the average child. Ages 4 and up. Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included).
Link to product page    $40.25
Microtech K1104

Microtech 6-in-1 Solar Power Construction Kit - Turn into Windmill, Hover Craft, Airboat, Revolving Plane, Car or Puppy :: K1104

6 In 1 Solar Power Fun Kit! Hours of fun for the kids! A great way to learn about electronics and solar power. Each kit can be assembled into one of 6 educational (and fun!) devices - windmill, hover craft, airboat, revolving plane, car and puppy (pictured). Includes easy to follow instructions and all parts.
Link to product page    $19.25
Microtech AB1222

Microtech Bubble Mania - Bubble Machine Liquid :: AB1222

Bubble Mania - Bubble Machine Liquid



For best results us our Bubble Mania bubble liquid Cat. AB-1222 (946ml).  
Link to product page    $10.40

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